Martin is a Nottingham-based front-end web developer, currently working with Kainos.

Passionate about learning, building and supporting services and user experiences that matter.


Updated Oct 2019

Day-to-day: Snr Front-end Engineer at Kainos in Birmingham. 🙋‍♂️

Projects 👨🏼‍💻

Recently finished working with Cambridge-based Telensa, building a front-end for their Urban Data Project subscriber platform, and Angular data-visualisation project.

Was lucky enough to visit Gdansk-based colleagues on this project which was a fantastic learning and team-building experience.

Currently experiencing something of a departure from my normal front-end work by making a utility in Node to parse a JSON schema into ES6.

Now involved in the early-stages of a complex discovery for improving our development processes.
It's exposing me to new aspects of software development outside of front-end which initially makes me feel out of place, but am taking it as an opportunity to build my resilience, and a great chance to learn more across an application.

Local Tech Events

Attended Notts Agile this month where we learned about building effective teams and healthy, safe development cultures. Tweet >
Quite a few references and ideas from this meetup around team culture:

Reading 📚

Really in to audiobooks this year, currently:

Loved these from earlier this/last year too!

Podcast picks for this month

Health & fitness

Recently recovered from a knee injury which kept me off running for what felt like an age! I did discover road riding in the meantime - the road bike became my new favourite thing! Getting back on the running again now though! 🚀

Bouldering at 2-3 times a week 🧗

Thinking about

  • Being deliberate with how I spend time. Having systematically cutting out much 'low value' time sinks/media, there is much time available. I need to be deliberate with using it to foster meaningful relationships and towards fulfilling things!
  • Writing more about my experience at work and ideas (learning, value, growth, future of our work on the web)
  • Really challenging my belief that just because I love what I do, I don't need to allow space around it.
  • Giving myself credit and valuing my unique skills; not comparing myself harshly with others

Thanks for taking an interest!

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