Martin is a Nottingham Software Developer, working with teams to deliver quality Products and user experiences. Currently working at Fleetcor UK.

Passionate about learning, building things and supporting high quality products and user experiences that matter.


Updated May 2022

Day-to-day: Lead Developer at Fleetcor 🙋‍♂️

Local Tech Events

Attended Notts Agile this month where we learned about building effective teams and healthy, safe development cultures. Tweet >
Quite a few references and ideas from this meetup around team culture:

Podcast picks recently

Reading 📚

Really in to audiobooks this year, currently:

Loved these from earlier this/last year too!

Health & fitness

Recently recovered from a knee injury which kept me off running for what felt like an age! I did discover road riding in the meantime - the road bike became my new favourite thing! Getting back on the running again now though! 🚀

Thinking about

  • Being deliberate with how I spend time. Having systematically cutting out much 'low value' time sinks/media, there is much time available. I need to be deliberate with using it to foster meaningful relationships and towards fulfilling things!
  • Writing more about my experience at work and ideas (learning, value, growth, future of our work on the web)
  • Really challenging my belief that just because I love what I do, I don't need to allow space around it.
  • Giving myself credit and valuing my unique skills; not comparing myself harshly with others

Thanks for taking an interest!

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