Martin is a Nottingham Software Developer, working with teams to deliver quality Products and user experiences. Currently working at Fleetcor UK.

Passionate about learning, building things and supporting high quality products and user experiences that matter.

  1. On turning thirty-four; 34 lessons and ideas

    Let's recognise there's little more trite than for twenty/thirty-somethings to think that on each advance in years it's incumbent upon them to impart some Definitely-new wisdom on the world; as if my years during a relatively prosperous moment in history have gifted me any measure of wisdom...

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  2. Reflecting on 2019 - A personal Annual Review template

    Coming to the end of 2019; it's a time we might reflect on the year past. A retrospective, to identify what matters, and re-focus our attention during the year ahead.

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  3. Weeknotes - DVSA Design System workshop

    While working at the DVSA in the Service Design team in Nottingham, owning the design system we use on MOT, it was great to attend a cross-DVSA Design System workshop in Birmingham to find out how we can improve it, and potentially unify our system across projects.

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  4. On Developer Maturity

    Something of a suppressed admission in web development, is the possibility that we as individuals might not know answers. The expectation we feel to ourselves and each other in a team to live up to this ideal and the pressure that can put us under has got me thinking about this topic.

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  5. Sharing in Knowledge Organisations

    The Art of Code: At the agency I work at we run periodical show-and-tell events where our specialists in consumer trends, technology, digital and print design talk about what they’ve been working on and share their work with others in the business...and provide biscuits.

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